VGA Port


This VGA Cable is great for computer monitor connection. It is ideal for video presentations, classroom environments or just for organizing your work area for maximum comfort and efficiency. They use a combination of coax and twisted-pair to accommodate the cable, without any of the typical distortion problems associated with extended cabling runs.

Support: CRT Monitor / LCD / LCD TV / Plasma TV /Projector / LED TV
Colour: Black
AWG/Conductor Core (O.D)mm: 3 x (8x 0.10; 6 x 0.10)mm 8 x (7 x 0.10)mm
External Core (O.D)mm: 8.5 O.D
Materia: Full Copper
Coil: 2

1.High quality HD15 male-to-male VGA Extension Cable for your monitor.
2. This VGA Cable connects the PC or laptop to the projector, LCD monitor, and other video display system through VGA connections.
3.Fully shielded VGA/SVGA extension or replacement cable.
4. Each SVGA Cable has two high-density HD15 connectors with thumbscrews.
5.Connector: HD15 Male to HD15 Male (15-pin)