Our AI-Powered Digital Ad Platform Uses Customer Data to Maximize ROI

AdRoll’s digital advertising software works 24/7 to automatically and continuously perfect your campaigns to achieve maximum growth and value. AdRoll is powered by artificial intelligence technology, BidIQ, which analyzes your customer data in combination with data from INTENTMAP™, the largest intent-based dataset available that includes over 1.2 billion online shoppers, to determine which members of your audience are most likely to convert to customers.

Artificial Intelligence, Real Results

A Single Ad Platform to Unify Marketing & Boost Results

Trying to manage campaigns across multiple channels is not only a pain, it’s also losing you money. By providing a single ad platform for advertising campaigns and eliminating the division between channels (web, display, social, native, email, and mobile), you can easily monitor marketing goals, ad spend, and performance in one place.

Our proprietary BidIQ technology is unique among digital advertising platforms. It uses our unified ad platform to analyze overall campaign performance and the results of each channel relative to one another. The advertising platform then makes adjustments to bids and strategies in a way that maximizes the performance across your advertising campaigns. BidIQ can automatically allocate between channels to focus on those that deliver higher value and a greater likelihood of conversion until it strikes the perfect balance between channels and drives optimal results.

Single-Platform Solution for Peak Advertising Performance

Cross-Inventory Bidding Attracts High-Value Targets

Our advertising platform submits unique bids in real time for every impression to maximize the value of your campaign. The AdRoll digital ad platform automatically adjusts advertising bids on an ongoing basis to prioritize high-value targets and spend less money on low-value targets, resulting in maximum ROI for your campaign. For example, bids may be adjusted based on attributes like location and time of day, browsing and shopping activity, and other information that is relevant to the successful targeting of your ideal audience.

The average AdRoll customer earns 5x return on ad spend

Seamless customer experience across marketing channels

Whether your primary advertising goal is to increase reach, engagement, or entice high-intent visitors to return to your site, we can find your audience through tailored advertising across the web, Facebook, and email. Many digital advertising platforms only focus on specific parts of the customer journey. AdRoll is unique in its ability to create a seamless customer experience across marketing channels at all stages of the sales lifecycle. In order to enhance the customer experience, AdRoll also integrates with e-commerce, email, reporting, and marketing automation apps for your convenience.

Don’t waste time with online advertising platforms that limit your performance. Grow smarter, faster, and stronger with AdRoll.

AdRoll Attract: Targeting Quality Top-of-Funnel Visitors

AdRoll Attract focuses at the top of the sales funnel to convert high-quality visitors that are likely to be interested in your products or services based on similarities with your current customers. Our digital advertising platform cross-references information about your customers’ behaviors (e.g. views, date/time of visits, products purchased, location) with data from INTENTMAP™ (e.g. geography, zip code, browsing & shopping activity, the vertical category of advertiser sites) to locate potential customers on Facebook and across the web.

AdRoll Convert: Retargeting Done Right

AdRoll Convert helps with retargeting people who interact with your business online. If a visitor has not yet become a customer, our advertising platform targets them specifically through advertising and promotions. As always, you have control over where your ads appear (web, Facebook, or email).



The numbers speak for themselves: 37,000 customers are earning $246 billion in sales each year. Average 5x return on ad spend.

Why Choose AdRoll Over Other Digital Advertising Platforms?

The AdRoll advertising platform offers several key benefits:

  1. Scale: Our technology logs over 56TB of data every day and 3.6 Billion shoppers each week, powering our AI-driven digital advertising software with high-quality data. The more data we have, the better the results for our customers, and our results speak for themselves.
  2. Quality: AdRoll is optimized for every vertical and size of company. Whether you are a startup or Fortune 500 company, our advertising platform is an ideal solution for your campaign needs.
  3. Flexibility: Our digital advertising software performs everything from bidding to product recommendations and learns new campaign strategies each day, making it a robust ad platform that serves your marketing needs.
  4. Full–Funnel: The AdRoll advertising platform connects the entire customer journey. Unlike other online advertising platforms, our software enables your marketing team to learn about customer behaviors from the first point of contact through to customer acquisition. Our digital advertising software continues to track customer behaviors and retargets depending upon your goals.
  5. Constant improvement: As a true AI-powered advertising platform, AdRoll grows even stronger over time. The longer your advertising campaign runs, and the more channels that it runs on, the faster and better our ad platform learns; meaning that the performance and value of your ad campaign increase every day.