In 2019, you can expect to see plenty of digital and graphic design elements that create a sense of order, beauty, and self-awareness. Jarring colors become harmonious in tiled patterns and modern collages, exaggerated proportions make for delightful and inclusive illustrations, and glitches become an aesthetic all their own.

Like many trends across all branches, digital design in 2019 will feature a healthy dose of both nostalgia and futurism. With retro influences from brutalism, cubism, and abstract art, the design trends of 2019 are reinventing some of the most aggressively disruptive aesthetic movements of the past to create a bold and colorful vision for the digital future.


1. Bookman & Oldstyle Serifs

With the generic, sans-serif typeface being the face of nearly every global company, brands are now rebounding and bringing back some emotion in the form of personality-packed serif typefaces, often in Bookman, Oldstyle or transitional styles.

Graphic Design Trend - Oldstyle


2. Custom Typefaces

All the big brands (AirBnb, Apple, Google, etc) are forking out the big bucks creating custom typefacesfor their brands.

Can’t afford a custom typeface like the 99% of us? Look for something different when choosing a typeface. Instead of Gotham, try an alternative.


Netflix Sans


3. Eco Packaging 

Plastic is permanently on the news today, and to counter this mounting pressure from consumers, brands are reducing their use of plastic, such as Corona’s biodegradable beer packaging.

Graphic Design Trend - Eco Packaging


4. San Serif Logo Design Trend

After Airbnb and Google updated their logos to sans serif, a trend was born. The years following saw many big tech companies update their logos for a simplistic, homogeneous look. This approach allows for better representation on screens and at small sizes, but at the cost of individuality and memorability.

Logo Trends 2019 - Sans Serif

5. Retro Human Illustrations

Exaggerated proportions and unrealistic coloring make for a delightful alternative to generic stock photos. You can even make your own retro human here.

Retro Humans Design Trend