Custom Made Illustrations.

According to recent statistics custom made illustrations can convert 7 times better than any stock photography. A unique illustration with bold colors will definitely make a business stand out. A good illustrator can create a vibrant illustration, toned to suit a brand’s needs.

1.1 Bold Colors

In 2018 designers have used mostly vibrant colors and this trend is just going to grow bigger in 2019. Colors will be even more courageous, with designers using supersaturated tones in their work. Pantone has already revealed their color trend forecast for 2019 so, this year, use bold colors if you want your work or business to stand out.

1.2. Asymmetry

When most people hear about asymmetry they think about the lack of balance but asymmetry is so much more. Designers can use it to create harmony and to balance the whole composition by intentionally avoiding traditional balance. You can experience and play with the elements you are using, like typography, geometric shapes or 3d renders to create a unique outcome. Remember that the user’s eye will firstly see the bigger element and so on.

1.3 Animations

Small animations on a web site, in advertising or in app design can make the users interact more with what you are promoting. These type of animations can be integrated in all media.

1.4 Eclectic

Merging ideas from a broad and diverse range of sources can have an amazing outcome. An eclectic approach to design can be pretty challenging but it can definitely bring a unique looking identity to a project.

1.5 Gradients are still here in 2019

Gradients have seen a huge comeback in late 2017-2018 and are here to stay even in 2019. With names like Apple or Instagram using them in their branding, this is definitely a winning choice in 2019 as well.

1.6 Isometric Design

We have seen Isometric design in trends for the past years, but in 2019, with the illustrations taking over all design fields, we really need to add it this year as well.

1.7 Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is making itself present in fields such as web design or app design. Many online stores have tried to include augmented reality into their websites as well. This is a relatively new trend so keep an eye on it in 2019.

1.8 Natural Looking Photos

The era of staged looking stock images is pretty much gone and now designers are looking for more natural, not typical photos. Basically stock photos that don’t look like stock photos.